25 August 2016

Where Have I Been?

Wow, its been a hot second since I last wrote here. So much has been going on in our lives, that I have hardly had a minute to sit down on the computer!! So, I am going to dive right into a little game of catch-up!

  • We were on vacation a couple weeks ago and wow was it ever hot. We spent the majority of our downtime in the pool, which Palmer loved! She even got so brave as to put her head under water all by herself, AND practiced swimming unassisted! I think she will do great in her swimming lessons in September!

  • I start back to work next week! Monday. AHHH!!! I am a little bit scared, a little nervous, and a whole lot excited. Its been nearly 11 months since I last worked, and it was in a different hospital, in a  different city, on a completely different floor. I think what I am most nervous about is the initial day, finding my parking on time, getting up to the ICU, and getting all settled in. I'm sure it will all be fine though, but its still nerve-wracking!

  • We are getting all settled into our new house and we love it! The yard has so much green space for the kids and the dog. The layout of the house works so well for us. I'm really happy with it. There are a few changes we would like to do, a little down the road, but it's all livable right now. The first thing I am going to change though, is the awful baby poop brown walls!! Definitely going to change it up to something light and bright. The house has so much natural light, that I think it will be great with a light wall colour and just some pops of colour as accents! 

This is the window to the Secret Playroom!
  • We were sent one of these Baby Binxy Hammocks, as as much as I really wanted to try it out and love it, I just couldn't. Charlie was far too big for it when we got it. She is all about riding up in the seat, seeing everything that is going on, so I just don't think trying to get her to lay in the hammock would work for us. I do really love the idea behind it though, if you aren't a baby wearing mama, or if you are and just don't want to that particular shopping trip!

  • I am looking forward to falling in to a more normal routine. All summer we were all over the map with naps and bedtime, and I think we still haven't quite recovered from our vacation yet. Charlie is up anywhere from 1-3 times a night, and although she doesn't need to eat, she does just want to be held and cuddled. She instantly falls asleep once I pick her up, but trying to put her back down is a nightmare. If this were during the daytime, I'd be all for it, but at 3am, sitting in the rocking chair isn't my idea of getting a good nights rest. Any other mama's struggling with this??  I also need to get us on a regular schedule because, with me going back to work on Monday, I need to have some sort of routine for Charlie to follow when she is at the dayhome. We have been working on giving her the bottle, and she is finally taking one like a champ (after only 10 months!!). Now I just need to figure out some sort of nursing schedule, because she is still a boob girl.

  • I want to start working more on my photography skills. I have seen a big change in myself over the past while, which I am loving, but I really want to read some great articles or find a helpful website to really teach me more and help me to understand lighting and stuff much better. What are some of your favourite go-to photography websites??

26 July 2016

Catching Up!

The countdown is officially on!! We get the new house in 17 days! We have 3 more days before we leave for vacation, then we get the new house the day after we get back! We couldn't be more excited, or more ready, to get out of the RV!!!

But, between the beach, park, and coding Grandma and Grandpa, we have been keeping ourselves busy and occupied! The girls have been sick with a summer cold for the past 10 days, but at least they are getting it out of the way before vacation. 

Charlie Dawn: 10 Months

We are currently sitting on an airplane, flying to Ontario for a 2 week vacation. YAY! Hopefully it goes smoothly for us, traveling with a 3.5 year old and a now 10 month old! Palmer did well on her previous flights, so I'm hoping Charlie's first time on a plane goes equally as well! If not, 4 hours could seem like 8! 

But, here we are, just two short months away from my baby being one! I can't believe I'm even saying that! Where did the past 10 months go? 

I still don't know her exact weight, but she seems to have slimmed out now that she is crawling and cruising way more. I'm thinking maybe 23lbs? 

She is still in size 3 diapers and wearing clothes ranging from 9-18 months. 

Sleep has been going much better. We seem to have gotten ourselves into a good routine. Bed time goes smoothly. Naps are usually good too; we are lucky and get one long nap and one shorter nap every day. Once we move into our new house on the 13th, I will finish our sleep training. She's gotten into the habit of waking at 5am. I try to rock her back, but I cave and feed her because it's easy. I'm just happy she sleeps from 7:30 or 8 until 5! 

Charlie is still a boob girl! I'm trying to cut back, but we are still at usually 6 feeds a day. She's eating most of the same things we do (chicken, pasta, eggs, fruit, etc) Some of her favorites are cheese, yogurt, and eggs. We need to start introducing a bottle soon though, for when I start back at work on August 29.

Girl is nearly walking. I think being in the trailer in the limited amount of space has made it difficult for her to practice, but she's all over the place, cruising and standing on her own when she has the space. 

She has discovered the stairs and loves to climb them. Problem is, she gets up and can't get down! 

Sweet girl now has 6 teeth! She cut 3 teeth in 3 days, and now she's got a mouthful! Besides a snotty nose, it didn't phase her too much, which is perfect, cuz that could have made for some pretty miserable times! 

She's learned how to clap her hands and squeal when you say "YAY" and Palmer is so proud because she taught her that!

She's starting to make a lot more sounds, but no words yet. I'll have to look back and see how old Palmer was when she said her first words. 

Palmer is happy that Charlie actually plays with her now. Problem is, big sister isn't so keen on sharing, or she's taking Charlie's toys to show her how to play! Ha! Such is the life of a big sister, I guess! But in all seriousness, watching them play together is so sweet! Palmer knows how to make Charlie laugh. 

14 July 2016

Our Whitefish Mini Vacation

A couple weeks ago, we packed up the family and took off to one of my favourite places ever, Whitefish, MT.  I always love going there because, first of all, it is such a beautiful place. Being surrounded by mountains, the most beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air just refreshes a person instantly. Secondly, there are so many great family activities to do all year round. The only bad thing I can think about it is that it is a 5 hour drive away from us!

We spent 5 nights there in my inlaws RV. Although I wasn't excited about vacationing in an RV when we have been living in one, it wasn't that bad because we spent our entire day outside. Between beaches and playing on the water and bike riding around the quaint little town or going for ice cream, our days were jam packed, yet at the same time, we did a lot of relaxing. 

Our mornings were slow, sipping coffee with mountains and forest as the back drop. Afternoons were spent by the water; whether the beach, seadooing on the lake, or the waterpark. And in the evenings, we all enjoyed a few cocktails, lounging around the fire and taking in the amazing scenery, with the sounds of fireworks going off nearly every night. 

I didn't have my camera or phone out as much as I would have hoped, but I'm ok with that because I was able to take in every moment with the girls and Mitchell. Being disconnected is a great refresher and is totally needed once in awhile. Even though I didn't capture it in a photo, I will always remember Charlie stepping foot in the fresh mountain water fed lake for the first time, Palmer riding the sea-doo and the smile on her face, biking to Sweet Peaks for ice cream, and Palmer seeing fireworks for the first time.


13 July 2016

Docking Our Tot For Sleep!

When we had Charlie, we dreamt she would be as good of a sleeper as Palmer was, and for a few months, that dream was a reality. Then, 4.5 months hit and we were in for a rude awakening. The dreaded four month sleep regression hit us hard. Charlie went from sleeping 12 hours through the night to waking every 2-3 hours. Hoping it was just a phase, and it wouldn’t last long, I went ahead and fed her every time she woke. It was easy. It worked. She ate, and we all went back to sleep (for a couple hours anyways.)

Fast forward a few months, and we were still waking multiple times in the night to feed. I knew I had to put an end to this habit I had formed with Charlie. If we had been living in a house, I would’ve put a stop to it much sooner, but with our current living arrangements (living in our RV) I kept putting it off. Making excuses, like I don’t want to wake everyone else up. Eventually, I had to try, so we came up with a modified sleep training method (not letting her cry it out, but soothing her and not feeding her through the night) in combination with testing out the DockATot

When we received the DoctATot in the mail, I couldn’t wait to bust it open. After all our sleeping issues, I couldn’t wait for the first nap and sleep with the DockATot Grand. We got ours in Pristine White, but there are many colours and patterns to choose from. 

To my surprise, it worked. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. I thought, how can this make my baby sleep better? DockATot is designed to essentially imitate the womb offering a safe, snug, soothing environment. Well, I don't know if it was solely that, or that combined with the timing of our sleep training, but Charlie didn't wake up for her usual one am feeding. Nor did she the next night, or the next one or the next. WINNING!

What I love about the DockATot is that it is portable, so when we are out of town, we take it, and I like that it gives Charlie a bit of consistency when we are away. The room she’s sleeping in may be different. The time we put her down may be different, but the constant of the DockATot is there, and I like to think it helps her to sleep the same as she would if we were at home. 

While we are waiting on possession of our new house, Charlie has been sleeping and napping in the play pen, and with the DockATot, the comfort level seems so much better for her. Living in our RV for 2.5 months while waiting on our new acreage isn’t easy, and poor Charlie hasn’t been able to sleep in her own crib, so the DockATot makes her sleeping arrangement much better, in my opinion. And, hopefully, using the DockATot in the crib too, when we finally do get to move in, will make for a much easier transition.

Plus, how cute is she lounging on the built-in air bumpers (or pillows).

***Product was given to me in exchange for this post, but as always, all opinions are my own***